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Through wildcrafted and responsibly sourced forging, Kristen is connecting us back to the traditional plant medicines that have been honored for centuries in healing and ritual practices.


Ancestral Apiary stems from over thirty years of hands-on plant identification, forays into the wilds, and delving deeply into modern research. Foundationally, Kristen's earliest teachings come from her Eastern European grandmother, Stephanie, who nurtured a “night garden” of medicinal plants.


Together they would visit the plants after sundown, these nighttime lessons seeming to hold an aura of mystery when shared in the moonlight. Stephanie spoke to some of the plants, ones whom she identified as those who awoke only in the light of the moon. These individuals shared ancestral wisdom, shaping Kristen’s relationship with plants since.


As the years passed, Kristen furthered her education both formally and informally through self-study, degree, and certificated programs. She has a baccalaureate degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Colorado. She also graduated with honors in her Masters of Education program through Oregon State University. Additionally, she studied with Cedar Mountain Herb School in Mt. Vernon, WA for 5 years. During this time, she completed her herbal apprenticeship in 2015 with Suzanne Jordan, owner of Cedar Mountain Herbal School. Since then, she has continued with product development, research and formulation co-creating herbal wildcrafted products with her bio-dynamically raised apiary. 

KB with her dog scout foraging
KB the bio dynamic bee keeper  at Sunriver Saturday Market
Bee Guardian/Formulator/Owner 
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