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  • This oil based serum draws from traditionally used plant constituents known to address the signs of aging. It is hand processed, small batch crafted and uniquely formulated with 95% wild sourced ingredients.


    Renew with Podmore promotes skin renewal while still honoring our skins’ unique journey. To create the Podmore requires over 8 months processing time. As a whole bee product, made accessible through miraculous synergism, it contains trace amounts of apitoxin/mellitin (bee venom) along with chitosan and heparin. Only chemical-free apiary practices are mandatory to produce this unique product.


    Please ensure that whomever is applying the product does not have allergies to honey bee venom. Although risk of reaction is low, caution should be taken.


    Apply a thin layer, about 2 drops, after facial cleaning but before additional moisturizer (if needed), sunscreen, or make-up application. Can be applied to face, neck, and hands.


    Apply up to three times daily.


    Topical application only. Stop use if reaction occurs.


    See links below for additional information.

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