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In Communication with The One -Legged's

Entry #2 7/20/23

As a teacher, students often share quite personal tidbits about their home life. An unspoken gift of insight into their out-of-school lives, these “sharing’s” are occasionally far more than the grown-ups would offer in typical conversation. However, the offerings of one student inspired a trajectory of exploration, an apparently needed nudge, for me to explore a part of our “urban forest” where I live in Central Oregon.

Having time to burn before a chiropractic appointment, I knew from our conversation that I needed an additional, unique oleoresin from our beloved Ponderosa Pine. I also knew I needed a special type of Juniper berry, as there a few varieties of Juniperus (what a fun Latin name), some holding medicinal value, other’s you learn to avoid. Why these two you ask? Well, that tidbit of information my student shared was that one member of this rambunctious family of seven had unknowingly shared a fungal infection with the rest of his clan. As there are five strains of fungus that can cause foot rot, athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm, I already had on hand previously processed oils, but not these two additional medicinal strains.

Valuing the wisdom of nature-based medicine, his insightful Mom had reached out to clarify her son’s remark as well as to ask for a natural way to treat the whole family. Which leads to the wisdom of the One-legged’s. As I exited my truck, I clipped the leash onto my pup readying ourselves for a short jaunt. Lifting my nose to the sun, a warm aroma, a scent uniquely appealing, wafted towards me. Not unlike a dog myself, I sniffed my way to the insect infested tree. A stately, and thirsty, Ponderosa Pine came slowing into my view. Asking permission, and offering water and gratitude, I collected only the supplemental exude slowly oozing down the red puzzle shaped pieces of bark. And, as you can likely guess, another rich Central Oregon aroma floated in on breeze, my direction shifting and footsteps in new direction, the second item I needed, incredible…

The takeaway lesson from the One-Legged’s…share your medicine, and let others who are in a position of needing a lesson, a lesson perhaps that you learned from an uncomfortable and/or irritating experience, know that you are open to offering insight. But, more importantly, only do this when someone is seeking this medicine. Otherwise, simply offer warmth and kindness. In honoring the guidance of the trees, the One-Legged's, you are poised to help, but not in a pushy or overly zealous way.

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