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The Wisdom of Bees

Ponderings of Unintentional Life Lessons.

Entry #1 7/20/23

Still cool enough to need a light layer at 54 degrees, I sneak around the green house, peering into the fenced off, wire perimeter of the bee yard to check to see if any early morning fliers are out. Because of previous checks, I know that In late fall or spring, this colony would be out and about already, warming their flight muscles with invigoration, engaging their day, and shrugging off the chill. But on this lazy summer morning, 54 degrees is not enough to rouse these girls. Inherently, they know the day is a little longer, the light reaching its tendrils later into the afternoon and evening, at least for another week or so before reversing its pattern.

My simple, yet profound, takeaway lesson from these two colonies; take some time warming myself up with those in my “hive” before embracing my tasks for the day. And, adjust my daily activities with the rhythm of nature and our sun, we are both earth’s creatures after all.

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